i'm steven

a programmer



My name is Steven and I am a Web Designer and Developer. I love encouraging innovative ideas and taking on new challenges.

Languages I Speak

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, JavaScript, JQuery, EJS, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Building RESTful APIs, React.js, React-Redux, React Native, Firebase, Git, Github, SEO, Digital Marketing, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

My Skills.


Love Music & Art

I have been playing music since I was seven years old. Saxophone and piano are my weapons of choice, and I have always loved being creative and expressive.


I'm a gamer

I started at a young age, and I haven't stopped since. From Zelda to Metroid, Undertale to Overwatch, Portal to Pikmin, I'll play 'em all.


And I'm a Web Developer

I was introduced to programming when I started my Computer Engineering degree through C++. Then I started to learn Java, and then eventually discovered languages that have fueled my passion in web design and development ever since.


And also a Graphic Designer

I love drawing. Ever since I learned Adobe Illustrator, I have loved bringing those drawings to the digital world. All of the designs on this page are originals.

here's what i've been working on...

These are all projects that I have been creating. Whether they were for a client or for personal development, they have all been enjoyable to work on.

Koala Sax

Random Draft League

A project for a streamer / content creator! Users can create accounts and contribue to each week's draft. The site has an admin section where the owner can edit and update the draft by selecting winners, sending notifications, and more!

C Thru Inspections

A website build for a Home Inspection company. Users can easily view the services offered, associated fees, and easily contact the company or schedule an inspection on desktop, tablet, or smart phone devices. I also designed the logo and worked on the SEO for this client.

One Energy Global

This was created for a non-profit organization looking to better the lives of those less fortunate accross the globe. We wanted to keep the design professional, yet inviting for all ages!


This was my first project I attempted. My partner works out of a great app called depop, and I wanted to create a better way for her to organize her products. The site is not yet live, as I still wish to add more elements to the project.

Tetris Clone

Everyone knows what this is! It's Tetris! Use the arrow keys to move, up arrow to rotate, and spacebar to snap the piece down. It's classic Tetris, so no holding pieces!


A simple game with three controls: move up, move down, and jump. The object of the game is to simply last. Last as long as you can. How long can you last? (Not yet mobile friendly)

Get In Touch

Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always available.

I can be reached any day of the week, between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm. I'm looking forward to speaking with you!


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